Learning how to Fly

Hi guys,

I am sooo sorry for not posting in a while, there have been some personal things to deal with in life recently which I’m sure many of you have the struggle with from time to time too- they pop up leaving you a little distracted.

 Although there have been some changes in my personal life there have been some great things that have happened to me over the past couple of weeks. I don’t know what has come over me,  but I just keep throwing myself into life’s magic and it’s super fun.

I hope to do a blog post a day over the next few days to make up for lost time. 🙂 So there are a few posts to look forward to:

  • Book Reviews
  • A Truly Glittery Craft Project
  • Cupcakes
  • Nights Out Stories
  • La La Land Review
  • Wonders of Norwich- some photographs
  • Participating in a Poetry Slam Night
  • And of course, commentaries on Fashion.

All that is in FashionFae store to luxuriously delve into as we ease ourselves into cosy February!

Anyway, I shall get to the point of what this article is about: ‘learning how to fly’. I advise for all fae to definitely take flying lessons. It is liberating!

Nothing like this before has put such a beaming smile on my face! It’s not a bad or embarrassing hobby to have I don’t think.


Week 2 just chilling in the hoop!


Top tip: put hella loads of makeup on your face to hide how tired you are from clubbing the night before. #slapiton x


Week 1 compilation of my aerial antics. I love how carefree the upside down hook made me feel 🙂


This one is a touch painful on the tailbone but I was trying to get my legs high in the sitting position because it looks neat and slick.


My favourite move called the ‘Mermaid’. It offers two different ways of getting into it which take some practice in how to remember but I just feel so magical when I do this move (and strong)! It doesn’t even hurt that much only a little bit on the feet but socks help relieve that rubbing.


I could be wrong about this one’s name but I think it’s called the straddle and it is a basic move to succinctly get into the hoop. It works the arm muscles and if you’re flexible like me, it can look quite impressive being able to do the splits upside down. You do have to make sure that you raise your hips and bum up though otherwise it doesn’t work.


Spinning like Tinkerbell! This move is fun because you can go fast like a twirling ribbon.


Week 4, I’m not being graceful and I climbing like a monkey :’D


Love this move because it makes you look like iron man but it is a sturdy pose and great strength being able to feel all the fibres in your body lengthen and breath.


All I could think about was my hairband falling off my head.


There it is, fallen onto the floor. Oh well! Look how free I am 🙂


Floating arabesque- incorporating some of my ballet moves 🙂

And although I do have a slight upper hand when it comes to finding ease on the hoop, having done ballet all my life and building up that core strength, but aerial hoop requires upper body strength (which I do not have) so it’s really useful to feel my biceps and triceps toning up.

I love aerial hoop so much that I am going to start training at the circus now on a weekly basis. http://theoakcircuscentre.org/ It will be £2 a session as I will be doing it through the brand new university society.

The course that I did (all the photos) was a month long, every Sunday morning, for £40. There were 4 people in a class and it was great to get high quality teaching from the lovely Holly at Firefly Pole. http://fireflypoles.co.uk/

Aerial dance/hoop may not be for everyone. But what is has shown is that there is always going to be something out there which ignites an enchanting passion within you- it just takes some discovering. I remember I created a pinterest board for aerial hoop over a year ago before I ventured into it myself. I remember back then being in absolute awe but not thinking it was possible for a little village girl. I get to Norwich which is a city and I find the opportunity! Sometimes it’s all about geographical luck or being willing to travel 🙂

I love aerial hoop because it’s all about being in the moment; you are still relaxed and feeling the flow of acrobatics but you are also on the ball because you don’t want to hurt yourself. It gives you the chance to be in your own little world and not be human.To move like a lady in the moon or a faery in flight.

I leave you with this beautiful edit I found. Do things that let your soul roam. ‘Stay wild. Flower Child.’ You are made of stardust and natural yearnings. Don’t let yourself get downtrodden on by mundane society or human constructs. Keep acting off of intuition and the throb of your inner magic. I am particularly channelling this mindset at the moment. If you find something that makes you happy it will spread a golden aura around yourself and everybody else around you.

Lots of love, light and faerie wishes,

Georgia xx


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