Glitzy Mirror Craft Project

2 posts in one day…happy Wednesday everybody! I’m getting back into the swing of things, my blogging will definitely be a regular thing after slight life hiccup xx

So over the Christmas break which feels like a very long time ago, I underwent with a little craft project that my mum came up with. She gifted me a mirror for my birthday from the shop DuneIm and had been collecting gems and beads over time in my childhood sewing box ready to get gluing onto the edge of the mirror so that it will be a masterpiece in my bedroom back home.

She was inspired to encourage me to do this because in the Accessorize store in Crawley, West Sussex there is a giant mirror in there adorned with treasures and it is such a shame because it’s not for sale but it makes the store ever- so memorable and pretty!

I forgot to take a picture of the mirror just plain but I’m sure you guys can imagine. Try and get one with a wooden flat frame to make sticking easier.

It’s pretty straightforward what to do…get some strong glue and an eclectic mix of beads and sparkly bits you like and get arranging around the frame. It does take a good week because it’s something you need to keep returning to as you need to wait for the glue to dry overnight.


Kitchen looking like an artist’s workshop

Get yourself some trusty strong glue and begin. If you don’t want to run the risk of gluey work surfaces you can cover them up with newspaper or whatever but I like to live on the edge 😉


The ‘very sticky’ glue I used. Got 2 x 115ml bottles and it was enough. Didn’t need reams on the individual beads just a small blob was enough for each bead to stick on. So far none have fallen off.

I should have taken more photos throughout the process. This was approx day 5 where the beads were building up quite nicely and I was creating stacked layers on the inside.

I did run out of beads so I hunted for costume jewellery upstairs which I never wear and used some of those charms and also found some great cheap costume jewellery in charity shops.

Other things like old inexpensive brooches, buttons, barbie hairbrush were all added on there too. For the really tiny beads I used tweezers to delicately place them on.


Silky serene treasure trove….


After it being completed in a week, it was ready for display. I throroughly enjoyed how therapeutic it was and you get to have an original, personal piece of decor afterwards.


It really suits the tones in my bedroom. And because it is a sunny room the mirror glints in the morning rays. There used to be a magpie who was attracted in the morning to the window that shone in the sun…and the magpie were headbutt the glass repeatedly. Then he was no-where to be seen after a few days of head banging…he probably knocked himself out. But if he ever returned, or a family member stopped by, it would be like a drug for them this mirror lol. x


It’s fulfilling to create something unique and beautiful x

Comment what you think about it!

And whether or not you’re tempted to try. The only thing is that it takes patience to gather up lots of beads but if you don’t mind hunting around then it is the perfect craft project for you.

So, my mum sent me a parcel today filled with goodies (that I shall fully unveil soon) but one of the things she put in the parcel was another embellished mirror that she had been working on and enjoyed doing. She bought a cheap love-heart bathroom mirror from DuneIm I think again, and got to work with an azure, mermaid style prezzie.

Thanks mum! xx I love it xx

I love the velvety grey ribbon so that I can hang it on my bathroom door. And I love the oceanic colour scheme and the moon- because a girl can never have too much lunar if she is into white magic 😉


Look at it hanging on the back of my bathroom door at uni 🙂 ❤


Peace and love fellow fae,

Georgia xx


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