In Love with ‘La La Land’

A true source of inspiration to live a magical, ambitious life. To search for a career that makes you happy and to live in an aesthetically pleasing way. Love is not a necessity but it is a luxury when it happens 🙂

Okay, so today for the second time I indulged myself in the exquisite movie that is La La Land. I went along with friends Jack, Laura and Harry. Jack had already seen it like myself but was eager to see it again. We mainly agreed that we wanted to see it again on the big screen for the sheer vibrant colour that grabs you, spins you around and paints your imagination a swirling rainbow whirlwind. But there is sooo much to talk about when it comes to this movie I could go on and on for hours about symbolism and meaning in it. I won’t do that here, I shall bore my literature friends to death with that…but what I will do is pick out things from this Hollywood picture that stood out for me, inspired me and kind of tugged on my heart strings. I won’t include any major spoilers so you are safe to read this if you are yet to see it.

All I can say is that you will definitely leave the cinema wanting to dance around town afterwards.

I love the fact that it’s modern day time but in the style of classic, vintage cinema. Emma Stone’s character Mia remarkably reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and Ryan Gosling’s character Seb is like a merging of Fred Astaire (tap dancing) and James Dean (moodiness). Their meet-cute is quirky genius, when Mia has had her car towed and she stumbles into a resteraunt where she hears Seb free play jazz on the piano- she becomes entranced by the tunes, swept away by his artistic allure. Only, she is met with a frisky, annoyed Seb who has just been fired for his expression of jazz and not sticking to the Christmas set list. Then it is a matter of fate weaving in and around their lives (with careful listening on Seb’s part so that he miraculously appears in the coffee shop where Mia works) and they set out to pursue their dreams in L.A which is definitely ‘La La’ loopy- brimming with movie stars and talent and ruthless audition processes or extremely wealthy people. Despite L.A being a tough place for our two cutiepie protagonists, they do fit into the city with ease- dancing against the hilly landscape, or strolling through movie sets, enjoying a beverage in a jazz club or adorning their run-down bedrooms with A4 doodles stuck to the wall.

And this is what I admire. They are both poor (which I can relate to) but they have rich inner worlds, ignited dreams and bountiful amounts of magical hope. They both mutually put career ahead of their relationship which promotes a healthy sense of gender equality I think and they immerse themselves in the movie and music culture as much as they can.

Have you ever been to a museum or art gallery and thought ‘woah’ as you admire an incredible statue or piece of art and it just transports your mind to heady heights? That’s kind of what happens to Mia and Seb when they go to the observatory (after seeing Rebel Without a Cause at the vintage Rialto cinema) they are in love with life and they have open minds filled with so much awe. I admire them both because their relationship consists of their adoration for art and it’s like a friendship set on fire.

Find partners with similar minds to you 😉 =adventure

#relationshipgoals when they float amongst the stars dancing like the Prince and Aurora from Disney’s 50s wonder ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

Look at these harmless darlings twirling in their own little universe. Jack summed it up pretty perfectly:


Okay, so the starry gooey bit is out the way…

And back onto the topic of seeing art and letting your mind wander…

We went into the city library after the movie because I had an overdue book and we all gasped at this blue warrior raising himself out from the wall. Apparently it’s The Night King, a White Walker from Game of Thrones. Captivating stuff x


Harry’s mobile phone photography

If anyone is a fellow dreamer like I am, you will leave the cinema and feel so damn determined to go out there and show the world your capabilities. You will feel so warm and glittery and energised to go out and manifest your desires.

If you’re prone to melting at aesthetically pleasing things then this movie is perfect for you. Every single scene and outfit (ugh, Emma’s canary yellow dress is just scrumptious), is like a delightful truffle for the eyes. You will not be disappointed. It may even be a source of inspiration to brighten up your wardrobe.


Source: I did spend a lot of time admiring Ryan Gosling’s biceps (and piano and tap dancing talent too :P)

Shall I book a one-way ticket to L.A? City of Stars…please shine for me ❤

I love how they made modern lifestyles into a classic romance to help us reminisce that true romance can still exist…it just gets interrupted by an i-Phone ringtone…(you’ll know what I mean if you’ve seen it.)



I am so obsessed with it. Last time I was this obsessed with something on screen it was the TV show Merlin and I ended up writing fanfictions which are probably collecting cobwebs out there in the internet. Watch this space you lucky people, some LaLa Lit might arrive…help me :’D

They are humble, intelligent and beautiful actors too.

Watch it, lose yourself in history blending with modern day. Tap your feet to the jazz tunes and swoon at the clothes and punch the arm rest at plot twists.

I think there are plenty of people out there who were born in the wrong decade and they have visions of cultural preservation. My friend Lois for instance lives like a 5os girl and listens to old records and wears gorgeous vintage dresses. Do what makes you smile and keep learning about different cultures and times because they might excite your spirit more than Apple products, Starbucks and dare I say…Trump.

Best wishes

Georgia xx


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