I got sent a package x

So a few days ago I got a parcel from my mum in the post. I didn’t know what was going to be in there and when I opened it I was astounded at all the goodies. She had spoilt me! It’s always nice to receive post and send/receive things whilst being at uni; not many people communicate via letters or packages anymore and yet it is so heart-warming that every time it happens to me it feels like going back in time a couple of decades.


Treasure Trove of delights

I love the card of the lady who just seems so glamorous but also fed up and it reminds me of the character Miranda from The Devil Wears Prada- eyes shut, pouting, sighing at her employees haha.

Some of the things in there such as a T-Shirt was because I had left it at home and might want to wear it at uni. But there were some very exciting and sheeny surprises:


Inspired by the previous project, my mum had bought a small bathroom mirror to decorate and the lunar/turquoise theme works really well- it’s like a mermaid mirror. Thanks Mum it’s hanging on the back of my bathroom door x


She sent me some Elle Sport leggings because she knows how much of a fitness freak I am 🙂 Can’t wait to wear them out on my jogs or at the gym. I’m super raring to get my six pack abs back again and therefore will be working out much more.


A decorative butterfly : pink  and sparkly- gosh not very Georgia at all 😉


This gift I got very excited about. It’s the perfect going out shoulder bag . It’s small and perfect for carrying the essentials: phone, lipstick, money. I like the mini- rucksack design and the colour scheme because it goes with most shades of my clothes.The gem flower sparkle is a cute touch.


Perhaps my favourite thing about this Betsey Johnson accessory is the silky inside.Love the rose flowers on the black and the ‘Betsey xox’ signature- it’s different and boho.


A miniature grater! When I spoke to my mum on the phone she said it’s handy for grating chocolate on top of my cappuccinos! It’s so tiny my flatmates think it’s hilarious. I’ve been using it for cheese on top of my pasta and it does the job very well.


mmmmmm coffee


And this family size bar- it didn’t last long at all lol

Best wishes everyone hope you enjoyed looking at my unboxing photos.

Please comment/contact me what you think about good old fashioned packages and if it makes you feel like a little kid at Christmas all over again.

Fae love

Georgia xx


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