Tropical Wanderlust

 Warning: Lots of Vibrant Colours in my photos.

Ok so I don’t know if it’s the dark and dismal days that are part of the deal with living in England or whether because I miss quite a few countries I have been to on holiday with my family throughout my life…or whether it’s because I’m considering going abroad next year to study…probably all three…I just miss heat, sunshine, sea, being in a bikini 24/7, eating delicious food and just living like the tropical hippy that I am.


This tweet speaks what happens in my head 90% of the time

Ahhh, but sometimes paradise just cannot be lived in forever so we must either remember it through collated photographs, research it online and immerse in culture that way or indulge and re-create it in the comfort of your university flat haha.

I have been fortunate enough to go to many places already at the tender age of 19. I’ve been to USA (West and East coast), Dubai, China, Italy, France, Lapland, Spain,Greece, a Mediterranean Cruise…sooo lucky …all a great experience in their own way. But somehow Croatia has always stuck in my mind and I can truly imagine myself living and working there one day.

In the future I most certainly will do other nostalgic posts for other places I have been to but Croatia, at number 1 is where I shall begin…


I miss Croatia sooo much. Standing next to a lavender bike because we were in the lavender region.

I advise anyone who loves hot climates like me, to, when they’re on holiday soaking up the delicious sun to take as many pictures as they possibly can because you can transport yourself back there and it’s amazing how all the feelings you had at that moment in time float back into your brain and your skin starts tingle at the lust for adventure.


Hiking around the Plitvice Lakes. I remember thinking…this place isn’t real! The water really was that blue! No wonder they filmed parts of Pirates of the Caribbean there.


We were in Croatia for 3 weeks. This was the last hotel we stayed at- truly luxurious as you can see. And the shore I remember snorkelling it was a mini coral reef with golden schools of fish.


Plitvice had enchanting waterfalls


Faery rockpool?


This was our daytrip in Split. I remember a lady came up to me and thought I was a local Croatian and she asked me for directions. Ah, I felt so at home.


Croatia Xxxx please have me!



Can I live here please by the water with a basket on my bike on the way to a coffee shop to write some stories.


City girl goals. I love vespas wish I could whizz around European cities on one.

I wanna be like this lady when I’m in my mid 20s:


And her canary yellow 3/4 lengths with that paisley cardie buttoned at the back shows off a personal style and exudes a quiet happiness.



Something so charming about the bohemian vibe Croatia has- the bedraggled stone and bed sheets make it even more welcoming than Italian balconies I think.


Iced coffee which is to die for.


Treadmill overlooking the ocean is such a good memory. I remember thinking I could get used to this.


Witnessing a beach wedding on our last night there. There was a light breeze and the bride wore a silky straight down dress it was elegant and relaxed because she was barefoot. Almost like her wedding was like a little gathering and she was going to go for a paddle in the water afterwards. #goals


The most vibrant flowers at a water park x


Pink palace xxx


More coffee x


This is the best photo I have ever taken, it was a boutique shop by the water in Pula and it is my screensaver on my phone! x

I already feel so peaceful thinking about Croatia.

And those photos were just snippets of this serene country. We were there for 3 weeks and over that time there were some action packed activities such as white water rafting down some natural rapids and crawling in caves.

And in terms of feeling other forms of wanderlust, I have been admiring culinary excellence on the internet looking at gorgeous fruit bowl creations.


Amazing fitblr creations, spoiled for choice with the assortment of fruits and blended green smoothie. Forget skittles, you can ‘taste the rainbow’ by eating one of these.

And I follow an account on twitter called the @TheBucktList and it just posts so many tropical pleasing aesthetics and I retweet basically everything. They have posted tropical fruit platters:


This poolside clean eating is heavenly.

So I decided today, for lunch whilst the storm was howling outside that I would concoct up a mermaid worthy fruit bowl and savour every spoonful. With a cup of tea. And write my essay on witchcraft for my course. Splendid.


  • Black grapes
  • Banana
  • Granola
  • Low fat natural yoghurt
  • Plum
  • Little bit of brown sugar
  • Little bit of peanut butter

So easy and delicious!

Here’s another great twitter page if you’re a beach  bum like me and you’re nostalgic for the ocean:

Beach Vibes Twitter

And then after I had finished my essay I watched some videos of an amazing girl called Elayna who travels the world (mainly around Indonesia/Australia) sailing with her boyf but she also goes off on retreats or adventures by herself and I just find her videos so uplifting! She is such a positive soul and watching her on a deserted island all by herself trying to enjoy her own company and set up camp and cook food was a great escapsim for 20 minutes. I’d love to try it for myself and see how I would cope.

Her youtube account is called Sailing LaVagabonde

Girl on a Deserted Island

And an eye opening, awe  evoking 1/2 hour video to submerge yourself in spirituality which is a part of Bali culture:

10 Day Detox Retreat in Bali

Sometimes if you don’t have the funds or time to go on a trip away you can bring it to you, dip into cultures you are yearning for in the casual comfort of your bedroom or office if you’re on your lunch break.

Not forgetting, you can always reflect on fashion and style in connection to wanderlust. This is one of my favourite dresses bought from a quintessential boutique in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


Being vibrant in food and dress makes your soul feel liberated!

And I don’t have a bath at uni but when I go home I might give it a try…you can always pop to Lush or sit back and enjoy a @Zoella youtube video to decide on what bath bomb fizzy delight you should buy to turn your washing space into a  magical portion of rainforest.

Let the petals scent your skin

I hope this has inspired fellow sun worshippers to worship in a cheaper, internet way for the time being before they are able to go travelling again xxx

Keep working hard and one day your dream life could happen and this will be your view:

& you’ll be able to sip champagne with your fruit bowl whilst lying on linen with the breeze in your blow-dryed hair.


And some vocab because you know how much of a wordy lit nerd I am:

‘heliophilia’: desire to stay in the sun; lover of sunlight

And if you’re still craving other parts of the world…I have some of my own pinterest boards you can take a look at.


Places I have been to:

Bohemian & Free Spirit:

See what you think!

And comment any of your thoughts down below!

Much faerie love,




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