Finding Inner Peace in London

Library…Art Gallery…Coffee…Pizza…Friends…Peace

Momentum is Amiss


Cappuccino at Zizzi’s (after pizza) with my Dad, served on a celestial patterned plate.

Hey everyone,

I began writing this blog post tucked up in my dorm room  (and then came back to it) because storm Doris was doing her thing outside and the wind was swirling around. I genuinely saw a plastic bag drifting through the wind and remembered the old days when Katy Perry’s Firework blared out of peoples’ Blackberries at secondary school.

So this post is going to be about my day trip to London where I saw oved ones. In the middle of my university week I get Wednesdays off and when my good friend Carmel got in touch asking if I would like to meet in London, I said yes. She lives in Bristol so she is very West  and I am very East so meeting in London is a great middle ground.

Here is how the day went:

5:30am: I woke up with lots of energy because I was so excited. I had my clothes all planned out so all I needed to do was have a lovely warm shower, moisturise with Ever Since ‘Pomegranate Secrets’ Body Cream, do my make-up, have some toast and coffee and head out the door at 7:00am with my flatmate (he was also going there for a day trip) to get on the Megabus service which runs from the University Campus to London Victoria bus station. It’s great, it’s super cheap so it’s perfect for students and I shall definitely be using it more over using the train because trains are sooo expensive.

What I wore:



Lilac vest which has a lace V-neck trim but a bit difficult to see that under the cropped rose sparkle mesh top which I bought when I was 13 from New Look (it still fits how embarrassing). The combo works though, and it projected my excitement for the day- I paired it with Swarvoski fabric bangles and silver bangles and fake pearls on my wrist.

And sparkly rose quartz stone necklace in silver encasement. It’s from my Auntie and Uncle (who are in fact expecting their first baby anytime soon which I am eagerly anticipating so that I can go meet my baby cousin for cuddles)!  I wear the necklace a lot because it is soo shiny and it can make even the most ordinary of outfits more fairytale-ish. I remember being in a seminar and a girl saying to me it looks like something a Disney Princess might wear.

Never feel like you should underdress for an occasion which you know will nourish your being. Because I was so happy to be seeing people I love dearly, I thought yes, I will adorn myself in sequins for them.

The top half was paired with bottom half, black jeans and grey suede knee high boots (the ones I got for my birthday.) With my trusty navy cardigan from a charity shop and mocha trench coat to use as a wind break (it is of course still blustery February).


Apologies about my messy table I think the mucky marks are from nail varnish and pens. Woops! Don’t know if it was me or the student that lived in this room before…I can’t remember…haha
16923909_1445875635444183_1985920045_n Messy hair don’t care xxx

My dishevelled locks I was pleased with lol.

7:15am till 10:20am: the coach journey! Your bog standard coach antics: napping, looking out the window, reading but then feeling queasy so napping some more. Doodling, and planning tube routes 🙂


A therapeutic swirly flower

I even wrote some poerty which will appear in my upcoming blog post all about how we can incorporate the essence of poetry into our lives more (once I have discussed fashion weeks).

11am: After getting across London on the tube I met my good friend Aneesa who I have known since Year 7 of secondary school, we were in the same form right the way through and we have always had a great bond, similar interests and lots of laughs. It’s been a good 8 years we’ve had this friendship and whenever I can I always try and meet up with her- she is studying in London at the moment so it was logical.

We perused around the British Library taking in the sights of the wondrous shelves which will is a delight I’m sure for many other bookworms.


Aneesa looking flawless as always xxx


*heart eyes emoji*

 The cafe at the British Library is quaint and has pastries and fruit which a Parisian bakery might envy, rich in colour and it has a great fluid layout where you sort of help yourself or you go over to the barista bar if it’s just coffee you’re after and then you go over to a seperate section to pay. It was bustling but it was a quiet bustle, like a background hum, I guess with most libraries you get visitors who if they chit chat they’re hushed about it- making the atmosphere a considerate and pleasant one to be in. I think Aneesa and I may have been the loudest there, catching up and giggling.

When we were at the barista bar Aneesa ordered a hot chocolate whereas I stood there with a bottle of coca cola (I felt like something cold) and the barista who had a strong Italian accent and a giant grin he was teasing me because I didn’t want a hot chocolate. “I don’t want one,” I said, “I don’t like it.”

“You will like it, if you have one made by me- he said.” So he made Aneesa’s and then he whipped me up a smaller one for free…

To be fair to him, it was lovely. It was so creamy, smooth, not too sweet. Mmmm. Thank you gentleman you convinced me 🙂

We stayed there till about midday and then we went for a walk around outside, we got a bit windswept but nothing a gal can’t handle, before Aneesa had to go because she had Arabic class that afternoon. We said out goodbyes on the underground and then I made my way over to Blackfriars, walked across the bridge (well, walked is putting it lightly…)


Blackfriars Bridge. Dun dun duh. Source:

1pm: I had my London underground ticket and it flew out of my pocket because of the wind and I had to backtrack in my heeled boots along the pavement chasing it in the gust, but I managed to twist my ankle in the process. So I was hobbling about and the ticket was now doing a circle and it got so close to the edge of the bridge where I grabbed it with all my might but simultaneously crashed into a businessman who was stern and shuffled as quickly as he could away. :’D I sort of just limped along the bridge until the sensation eased on my ankle, clutching the ticket but I did see a pub and consider getting a stiff drink after that. There were so many drivers going across that bridge too- most likely laughing at the mess that I was.

Just after passing the pub…I crossed the road and there were some pretty lilac crocuses in flower beds at the side of the road. I was so focused on admiring them that I walked into a tree and another 2 business men were sat on a bench laughing at me. Whilst walking into that tree my ticket flew out AGAIN onto the road…where I had to wait for a car to drive above it before quickly crouching and getting it back. Then I opened up my handbag and WEDGED the ticket into my purse. I didn’t want it to happen a third time!

All in good fun, I did feel a little like Miranda Hart. #clumsybutcute

Around the corner, through some passages in between buildings I made it into the Tate Modern and there was a huge exhibit in the foyer as you walk in which had sound effects of a plane flying over head and big lit up LED platforms on wires that varied on different levels. Other lights flashed and there was a warning sound that wrung through the building, I did question whether it was the fire alarm, but everyone was peacefully wandering around so I used my powers of deduction to figure out that it was art.

1:15pm: Carmel contacted me she was going to arrive at approximately 2pm so I perched on a balcony bit on floor 2 where I could people watch all around and I ate my homemade chicken wrap that I had made and fruits (banana, plum, grapes). I felt very comfortable in my own skin, ‘very me’, surrounded by people who were there to immerse themselves in creativity (there were a few school kids who were clearly a little bored but fair enough for them), I just basked in the artistic and community atmosphere whilst I sat on the carpet nibbling at my healthy food.


It wasn’t a sunny day but my sunglasses made me feel chic #bathroomselfie

I meandered about on floor 2 looking at some exhibits and then Carmel rang me and said she was outside so I made my way out to see her. It had been ages. We went and got a coffee, very friendly baristas again. Very clean, trendy atmosphere in there too. I definitely needed a caffeine pick-me up, travelling can sometimes take energy out of you. So we chilled out over that ❤

2:45pm/3pm: We began our adventure. The Tate Modern is huge and diverse and we were in there till 5pm soaking up different cultures and exposing ourselves to a whole array of artistic vision. I would be here all day if I went into analytical depth about some of the mesmerising (and some of the confusing) things I saw. So, below I’ll just present a few things that stood out for me in terms of how I can apply it to my views on fashion. 



For me, this portrait focuses on hair and particularly the female figure on the right her beehive half up- half down style is the key area in the drawing, it is shapely and gives her an aura of confidence, of timelessness because a beehive is something associated with the 60s but because the drawing is stripped bare of colour and pattern there is more of a abstract ‘out of time’ essence to it. It’s ethereal in a way, the other 2 figures I feel are her inner personalities…if we were to maybe get Freudian about it…we could say the middle figure is her id, the physical body is very much presented here, at the forefront of the image with shapely thighs accentuated through the touch of the hand. This figure represents sexual liberation, a more raw, natural side hence the unruly hair on the figure’s distorted face. And as for the persona at the back, the smudgy space, this could be the unconcious, the mind existing but difficult to comprehend therefore it is visually mysterious.

I’m rambling, my literature student urges are showing.

I think the drawing grabs the essence of how big hair can equate to confidence, whether that sexual or mental. And big hair in the fashion world can often be criticised as being outdated…but is it a simple projection on one’s head of a big warm inner glow?




This is a snapshot from a much larger media b&w montage. I think this was on floor 3 to do with the digital age. The top image kind of represents the new age that happened about 30 years ago, the wave and rise of denim jeans. The bottom image I didn’t know what to make of it, I though it perhaps highlighted poorer communities and how there is less of a focus on materialism, on fashion because it is not a basic necessity. The middle image is what aesthetically struck me though as you can see merely from the photograph I was zooming in on the tattooed person. I loved the mod vibe it was giving off, mods and rocker themes/history will always captivate me because it was people being defiant and it was people making a lifestyle choice like never before. The angel wings contrast the stereotypical ‘baddie’ mod vibe. I think I partly took this photo for deeper personal interest, I’m considering a tattoo of smaller angel (faery) wings and I don’t know if I’ll be brave enough to do it but I think they look gorgeous.

Much to my flatmate Lilie’s disgust who hates Justin Bieber, the Biebs also has a similar tattoo on his neck- just saying x


I’m realising I was drawn to black and white…

Maybe it’s because I like words on a page, and read so often, which is black on white?


Barbara Kruger Quote on a screen

I’ll just briefly talk about the Barbara Kruger quote which I spotted on a screen, I don’t want to get too deep/conspirator/ Illuminati hater about it…but I think it is definitely relevant to consider the line ‘very notion of truth has been put into crisis’. Excuse the pun, but, ‘that’s so true’, because we live in an age which absorbs social media and quick paced news- fake news can be churned out very easily by the rapid pace of the web and anyone who can make something up. We can also very easily edit and change the truth to our liking, which can be overwhelming when sifting through pages and pages of news and information trying to uncover what might match your opinions. For instance I found it very difficult during Brexit when it came to researching for which way to vote because the vast amount of information was an overload, it was a jumbled ‘crisis’.

In terms of relating it to fashion, I think this quote is certainly applicable to images of models that are airbrushed. Sometimes we forget that the photographs are touched up and therefore we develop warped views upon beauty because of fake, heavily edited constructed photo shoot images. It’s worth bearing in mind more often that the air brushed look is unattainable for most people who get blemishes here and there, ‘photographs do indeed lie.’




This sung to my soul. A photographer in India she worked on a project protesting about the legal implications of women forced into marriage and how Indian women are also banished by society if they don’t want to marry or divorce. The defiant look on this lady’s face in the photo shows strength and makes her a heroine  straight away. I love how she is level on the floor, in what looks like an apartment, with 5 typewriters- signifying the power of words. Strength through words, through taking the time to write can make change. Her piercing look into the lense is almost a question that lingers in the space between people viewing this in the art gallery and the picture: “are you brave enough to speak out? To set your concerns in stone, to write things down?” 

Can’t wait for my own apartment one day where I can buy a record player and a typewriter and spend more time with those two items feeding my mind than being on my phone and getting distracted by apps. #modernworldproblems

5:20pm: Carmel and I, (sorry, I didn’t get a selfie of us), we made our way to London Victoria during rush hour which was fine it was more than bearable on the circle line. I remember holding onto the bar above on the tube and having a good stretch of my arm muscles- exercise here and there is important 😉

6pm: we had a mooch around Victoria, Carmel wanted to get some food before getting her bus home at 8pm. After much deliberation on a metallic bench which made the bum a bit chilled, Carmel (and her friend who came to meet her) opted for Wagamamas for din dins. I stood with them for a bit as the queued up to get a table but then I said my goodbyes because…

at 7pm: I met my Dad at the bottom of the escalator to have dinner with him. He works in London during the week which is why it was convenient and he is such a cheery person he was already making me laugh just by the fact that he saw from about 5ometres away and did the typical embarrassing Dad thing where he just frantically waved at me lol.

We went for pizza and shared a starter, delicious calamari followed by pizzas. He even encouraged me to have wine but I’m not much of a wine person, it gives me headaches straight away, but I am a bubbly person so I had a glass of prosecco x


We received impeccable and quick service at this place- they even let me charge my dying phone behind their drinks’ bar

Talked about everything and nothing with my Dad, it was a great evening.

9:15pm: We walked to Victoria Coach Station, had a hug (and a selfie) and I got on my bus departing at 10pm in plenty of time.


Happy Days

Then on the bus (which didn’t have many people on it) there were my 2 Australian University friends who I sat with at the back of the coach and we just talked about the exciting days we had, Harry and Joel took in the Great British sights much more than I did, partly because I’ve been to London countless times but partly because instead of ingesting scenery I ingested coffee.

I was pestering them with questions all about Australia because it seems like paradise it really does and I would love to go there one day. Ocean come at me xxx


And my Facebook status says it all really. After getting back to the flat and flopping onto my bed at 1am, I wasn’t even that tired because I had gone out, done things that I enjoyed and actively chosen to be surrounded by people I wanted to be surrounded with.  It truly is worth crafting and shaping your life just how you like it, even if it’s just for a once in a blue moon kinda day on your day off. Do it. Go that extra mile (or 200) for your friends and savour up every drop of paint on those paintings in art galleries. Let yourself live and don’t be ashamed.

Carmel said it when we were on the bench, “ah, it’s just so nice to have escaped life today and not think about anything.” She was right, we were so captivated by what we were doing that nothing else mattered.

At the end of the day I lay tucked up in my goose feather duvet and I felt completely, wholly myself.

You know when you feel like you’re emitting maybe 40% or 70% or 85% of your inner light out into the world on most days? Well I had emitted my full 100%. I was shining. I was insanely happy and complete.

I don’t want this to come across as narcissistic (but I think that’s the problem, we’re afraid of finding self confidence because it can have negative connotations) but I shall emphasise anyway- I like myself. Flaws, moods, giddy madness and all.

It’s also freeing when you know you don’t have to please anyone. I did find that when I was in a relationship I felt pressurised to act a certain way and reign in my inner eccentricity and as for my ex, I don’t wish to bash him, he didn’t impose how he wanted me to be onto me…but we both wanted different things and I couldn’t be his ideal dream-girl. I’m too much of an airhead. I’ll meet someone who has an imagination that matches up with mine, and love can blossom from there- which is exciting.


Definitely worth checking out this eye opening source:

And certainly today.  I was free, me and peaceful. It’s difficult to describe but I came to terms with how life isn’t some abstract concept looming over us; it’s tangible and it is gifted to us everyday and I felt that gift’s glittery light wash over me as I slept and had happy dreams.


Yes yes yes Xxxxx Source: Facebook,@IdeaSpot

I even had one of those awkward dreams where you wake up and you have romantically inclined feelings for someone. Anywayyyy, that’s for another day. Dammit subconcious, making me have a crush. Lol.

Keep sweet wacky dreaming faerie friends,

Georgia xx

Fashion Fae


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