LFW Faevourites

A Wonderland of Trends

Defiance in the form of:

See-through tulle dresses/ Statement Canary Yellow/ Olive Green Coats/ Silks/ Flamboyant Sleeves and Neck Cuffs/ Androgynous Looks/ Business man combined with feminine meadow girls/ Icy Blues/ And Picnic Rug Tartans

It’s definitely a storybook daydream…no futuristic robotic vibes here. Xx

So, London Fashion Week happened a couple of weeks ago in Feb. Whilst the hype is still apparent, I thought I would talk about some of the things I liked and grabbed my attention/imagination.<3

With eagerness, I watched runway clips on Youtube on the Sunday of LFW gawping at the new collections and then later on I scrolled through many blogs and online articles of what others made of the week. I have to say, I think 2017 is a fabulous year for the industry already. It seems to be diverse, colourful and rich with all sorts of fabrics and styles…it’s like an eclectic bookshelf- a whole range of worlds upon it, each one with completely different meanings and storylines. That’s what I found with LFW, there was just so much to talk about and admire. Everyone, from critics, to bloggers, to models, to people in the street…will all have alternate highlights that stood out for them.

Here are some personal reflections and…

inspiration for my dress sense in 2017:

(bewarned, my imagination goes a bit wild)

Steven Tai


Source: https://jungle-magazine.co.uk/steven-tai-london-fashion-week-ss17/

I truly appreciate Tai’s geek chic vibe he creates. Since January I have become more geeky, spending many more hours reading for pleasure as well as for my course, I own 2 library cards for the city library and university library and I frequently am that annoying person urging for deep conversations with friends. With this thirst for books I am on the look out on how to adapt my fashion sense so I look better suited for the library. (Tai himself has openly admitted he is an avid reader and tries to reflect that in his collections). Everything about this look just exudes library lusciousness.

  • The grey pinafore looks soft and slouchy but is still slimming and demure.
  • And I love the pastel peach pleated skirt, gives an  extra academic aura.
  • Crisp white shirt-never goes out of style. And the angular collar gives a mathematical impression- that you are about to get down to some serious studying.

But work hard play hard! Next up with glamourous looks from the renowned:

Paul Costello

How scrumptious is this apricot dress which looks like scrumpled wrapping paper and pressed flowers? Sometimes ‘wrapping paper’ dresses get a bad rep but I think sheeny materials promote boldness and defiance, which is well needed for the turbulent political times the world is facing in 2017. The fashion industry must cling and nurture the skill to be individual and artistically expressive with clothes. I think Costelloe’s design here perfectly fits that bill. It is electrically feminine- the colours are stereo-typically girly but the glinting gold paint streaks on it give the impression of someone who is a rebel, perhaps broods underlying anarchist ideals.

It’s like a dress I wore when I was about 14 to a disco- it’s effortlessly garish you have to have it.

I think we’ll be seeing some celebs at events wearing this paired with silvery wedges.

A much more toned down Costelloe- prim and preppy, ready for afternoon tea in Kensington or a morning presentation at Harvard. The sleek white blazer does not look to too dentisty/ or like a lab coat when paired with summery ice blue and diluted olive plaid. I just really like how this outfit is not over-done and I can imagine rich girls on lawns in the Hamptons showing off their tanned pins, spontaneously suggesting a game of tennis. It is an outfit that is a portal into the world of preppy, which I often do not look into much.

*opens a new tab and looks at Lily Pulitzer* 😉

Alice Archer

Archer is new & up and coming and her silky stuff is taking the kimono trend to the next level-

Some of her looks are making it wholly acceptable to rock up to a board meeting in a kimono-esque blazer.


Source: http://9abrielle.tumblr.com/

Just look at this- it’s like looking at an art teacher crossed with a business exec. The square shoulders and neat cut of the kimono takes away any bohemian connotations and allows it to be more work worthy.

This is the first outfit showing glimpses of LFW’s famous

Canary Yellow Accents I noticed straight away.

Which seems to be the rage this year. Yellow pulsates joy whether that be from a corsage, pair of heels or cotton pantaloons. Canary almost reaching into mustard is what London was going for this year. Is it because the world is in need of sunshine injections?

I feel like the steely grey works really well on silk because it’s less harsh and dull…more enchanting. Instead of the pink trousers (although I bet they’re so comfy) I would wear black business trousers or if I was keeping it more casual, lets say I was wishing to give off a fortune teller vibe, I would opt for black jeans and sky high black heels.

3rd Time Lucky for Costelloe I’m becoming a fan of his:

Look at this bewitching faery burlesque number.

It’s romantically haunting with the black nightie slip underneath with wispy taffeta/tulle type dress ontop.


Source: http://9abrielle.tumblr.com/

I love the Spanish roses embellished onto the dress. And I love how the outifit flows together eventhough it is clearly 2 seperate pieces. Maybe the world isn’t quite so black and white after all if the two can merge harmoniously together.

This is definitely something I can see myself wearing to a White Wiccan convention or even on a date with an Indie guy who is appreciative of introspective expression?

House of Holland


Source: http://theupcoming.flmedialtd.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/LFW-SS17-House-Of-Holland-Krish-Nagari-The-Upcoming-27-1.jpg

I think this a great look and on the runway it is like a true storybook character, an ELizabeth Swann maybe who is on a rampage in search of her pirate loot. I think if it were to be street style, it could be toned down by losing the neckerchief. But all in all, the well stitched maroon upmarket raggedy dress with the navy plaid has me swooning.

Personally, I would have opted for a darker belt but I am a bit of a perfectionist and maybe Holland was going for that ‘thrown together’ appeal- as it’s an adventuress in a rush.

I think the triangular hoops and the graceful shoes set the image off- it’s all about consideration of the smaller details.

House of Holland has chosen to be different and pulled it off with an understated, chilled out finesse. I’m applauding. xx


Source: http://theupcoming.flmedialtd.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/LFW-SS17-House-Of-Holland-Krish-Nagari-The-Upcoming-13.jpg

Just, sigh. I love it. Not everyone might, because the dress could be likened to a Mediterranean breakfast tablecloth…but that’s what I like about it! The rich coloured flowers on the middle panel paired with the shoes that I love so much I’m getting heart palpitations. It’s like this model is going to hop into a fairytale story and tear the place up. She doesn’t need a prince she just wants to take over the castle and get some beats booming for a party of the Medieval century.

Hopefully I can channel some of this bravery over the next few months, charging through forests as the days get lighter in lacy pumps and twee dresses but with mesh over my biceps ready to pick a fight with any trolls.

Topshop Unique

So Topshop Unique’s runway had me glued to Youtube as I watched it.

Here are some treats:

I’m liking how we are moving forward and not giving a damn about clothes assigned to gender. An almost ‘mumsy’ floral dress paired with masculine business trousers (but rolled up so that jumping in puddles isn’t an issue). The shoes eventhough they’re not wellies I think they resemble wellies and how dogwalkers and country farm girls out there can rock whatever they find in a heap of their clothes on the floor.

Eclectic garments seem to be a wonderful way at turning your nose up at conformity and not caring what others think of you.

Behold the hot mess that lives within.

But always have good, clean hair (look at the model, her parting is on point. She might be a hot mess but a parting shows that beneath it all, she has a clear mind ;))


Source: https://www.popsugar.co.uk/fashion/Topshop-Unique-February-2017-London-Fashion-Week-43193724

Once again, merging the stereotypes. Boyish denim hoodie jacket paired with a silky, sexy rose skirt…and it works! Because breaking society’s conditioned rules that it has built up in a mundane way over time is fun.

F*** the system Xxx

Never feel like you should abide to restricting ideals. Those ideals are controlling and offer less room for expression.


Source: https://www.popsugar.co.uk/fashion/Topshop-Unique-February-2017-London-Fashion-Week-43193724

I know that pink is supposedly the colour of the season this year but having been a pink girl for such a long time, I’m opting for lavenders and lilacs. It’s calming it’s soothing and it’s very fae (if anyone has in mind the sister KitKat from the movie ‘About Time’ you’ll definitely get my drift!)

Loving the primrose yellow on here, less in your face than the canary.

I like the rip around the ribs, you could turn up to a family BBQ like the forest creature that you are, looking like you had fought your way through bracken tendrils (to get to the portal to the human world) 😉

Business meeting chic. Although it looks like you’ve just rolled out of bed I still think you would turn heads if you chose to bedazzle your co-workers wearing this at a 9am office meeting.

Phoebe English

Phoebe English RTW Fall 2017

Source: http://wwd.com/fashion-news/shows-reviews/gallery/phoebe-english-rtw-fall-10810614/#!2/phoebe-english-rtw-fall-2017-9

There’s no point even trying to be human when you’re wearing the delightful Phoebe English. Arriving out from a sprawling peridot and baby breath wreath English has created a hedgerow goddess.I read somewhere that this look projects fear which I think is understandable, I think it promotes a desire to retreat back to nature and not have to face diabolical politics or hear about war in the world. The black skirt is witchy and the cropped green leathery jacket is like it’s made out of leaves.

Definitely a stand out outfit. I’m sure it will be talked about for ages and eco skincare brands…well well well…here is some perfect inspiration you can use for some outfits for adverts perhaps.



Source: http://www.theupcoming.co.uk/2016/09/19/osman-springsummer-2017-collection-catwalk-show-lfw/#jp-carousel-268097

Trench coat with a twist. The boots did not grab my attention…anything space-manish and I am out I’m afraid, I think it looks cheap. But, divert your eyes back to the coat and you will see how it tails at the back longer than the front, which gives added weight so that the shape stays stiff when walking around.

I think the tie around the waist is not too long it sinches it perfectly. And I like the kimono blossom flower touch on it too.

Olive green is something I will be on the look out for. There isn’t enough of it around and yet I think it is a shade that suits a lot of people.

(Just don’t think about retro olive green bathrooms because they are a little bit vomit provoking).

Worn well it can melt hearts. Think about Cameron Diaz’s character Joy in the movie ‘What Happens in Vegas’ when she entrances Ashton Kutcher’s character at the weekend retreat. With her suntan and light ashy hair- she rocked it.

Emilio de la Morento


Source: http://www.livingly.com/runway/London+Fashion+Week+Spring+2017/Emilio+de+la+Morena/jjvH1Uqdf1x

First of all, de la Morento’s name sounds like a love potion spell in itself. Secondly, this look is like seamstresses have collected bits of snow and stitched it onto a bit of cloud and said to a willowy fae, there you go, wear this out.

It’s simple but whimsical. Just what I like. The mint heels are heavenly, like mint ice cream.

That’s what I would have liked to have seen…more chocolatey mocha hues with minty greens because the combination works a treat. Maybe I can give this 2 block trend I have conjured up a go! :’D


Source: http://www.livingly.com/runway/London+Fashion+Week+Spring+2017/Emilio+de+la+Morena/uYrw2fIS3gb

Looking like you have been spun by a friendly spider in a cobweb and then spun bits of gold for yourself like Rumpelstiltskin and trotted out of your toadstall to go meet a friend for cocktails- reality isn’t touching you.

I just love how fitted this look is. I would totally wear it but I would be a little concious of the yellow making my skin look too sallow.

Xiao Li


Source: http://www.theupcoming.co.uk/2017/02/21/xiao-li-autumnwinter-2017-collection-presentation-lfw/#jp-carousel-290652

And lastly, I leave you with a zoomed in photograph of the iconic Xiao Li who has been experimenting with ruffles this year and making our delicate joints, the wrists, even more delicate with tulip shaped musketeer cuffs. I think Kris Jenner might be oogling such a collection.

If you have managed to reach the end of my over-passionate rambling I hope you have enjoyed as much as I have LFW highlights.

Check back soon for Milan Fashion Week Faevourites


How I am giving up the colour Pink for Lent…

It’s going to be a hefty wardrobe and decor blitz I tell you that.

Faerie love,






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