Faery Godmother Life & Style

Here I will mention the 5 key components on how to channel Faery Godmother vibes.

Grey Hair…Dolce & Gabbana Cat Eye Glasses…Fluffy Heels…A petticoat on show…and the most elaborate clutch bag you can find. (Because a clutch bag is a wand in disguise).

And the colour to go for? Lavender. Or an icy blue.


Ralph & Russo Spring 2016

Source: http://hautetramp.tumblr.stfi.re/post/138481951920/notordinaryfashion-ralph-and-russo-haute?sf=okaonzr#aa

It’s been a month since I’ve posted…I’m so sorry! I said to myself I would write about Milan and Paris fashion weeks but I never got round to it….tut tut tut.

My Literature degree recently has required quite a bit of extra library work, ontop of other writing commitments for magazines, rehearsals for an Aerial Hoop performance and my baby cousin Rosie being born- it was a quite a busy month and unfortunately my blog got sidelined!

I have truly missed writing for it. But I’m back, with more glittery magical fae fashion ideas so lets get stuck in.

Something that has been on my mind for a while is the essence of being a faery godmother. They are kind spirits as Danny Groner puts it (huffingtonpost.com), ‘most captivating scenes are dominated by the Fairy Godmother. As she swirls and whirls around the stage, she shows the audience of young and old that anything is possible, in both life and theater.’ A faery godmother is a role model, a figure who encapsulates the goodness of humanity. Which is sometimes forgotten amidst turbulent news stories today.

I’ve been noticing in the streets when I’m out and about that there is a grey hair trend happening. And a thought struck me; the stereotypical Fairy Godmother image is that of an elder lady with curly grey hair in an up do, with jazzy rimmed glasses, a silvery bodice with a sheeny lilac petticoat and small heeled fluffy, sparkly shoes.

I’m not thinking of Disney, or Shrek…I’m thinking of that image of a kind, grandmotherly figure who makes your dreams come true. And I think with the grey hair trend and the fact that lots of people like sparkles every so often…a fairy godmother is a perfect stimulus for an outfit, or if you’re in the mood for changing up your style.


Throwback to Helena-Bonham Carter as a couture, iridescent fae.

Source: http://fairytalenewsblog.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/a-wish-for-cinderella-review-of-disney.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed:+blogspot/VFWg+(Once+Upon+A+Blog…)

Fairy godmothers are the good gals, they are nurturing individuals. In many ways it’s more exciting to channel fairy godmother vibes than it is fairytale princess vibes; fairy godmothers have it less tough and they can disappear back to their realm when their work is done- no hardships for them- just peace and love.

So here are the key components to this all new look:

1)Go gorgeously grey. …

Silver 🔥 @rachel_mortenson COLOR BY @lhonette #IGKHAIR #silver #hair

A post shared by IGK SALONS (@igksalons) on

It won’t age you, it won’t make you look weird- it will just look awesome. The model above rocks it because she has cold hues in her makeup and her eyes are blue, so there is an icy vibe emitted from this insta photo.

If your natural hair is maybe a bit darker, you can opt for grey blended in with some cosmic blue highlights. (below)

@hairbybriananicole is the artist… Pulp Riot is the paint.

A post shared by Pulp Riot Hair Color (@pulpriothair) on

Curls definitely add to the timeless image of a fairy godmother who has tresses which she probably puts in curlers each night.

And of course, if you can’t commit to the colour for every day, wigs are becoming more and more popular thanks to celebs like Kylie Jenner who love to experiment with them.

2) Invest in some statement cat-eye sunnies or spectacles.


It’s all about bold, blingy specs. You need to allude to your wisdom somehow.

Source: http://www.tudointeressante.com.br/2015/03/nova-tendencia-mulheres-jovens-comecam-a-pintar-seus-cabelos-de-cinza.html

I definitely think Dolce & Gabbana is a go-to for unique eyewear. It also helps if you have a large budget. If not, there are bound to be glasses in highstreet stores that are similar to D&G’s designs.


This pair were last year’s Spring D&G collection. On the website they are described like a fairytale treasure (see below)

‘Butterfly sunglasses adorned by a cascade of floral custom jewels and crystals in golden and red nuances…’ – http://www.dolcegabbana.com/eyewear/special-collections/women/ss-2016-woman-capsule-collection/red-sunglasses-butterfly-frame-the-flowers-collection/


Or these? So angellic and so delightful. Wear these and you will turn heads because of their ornate frame.

Source: http://www.polyvore.com/dolce_gabbana_rose_lace_cat-eye/thing?.embedder=13674538&.src=share_desktop&.svc=pinterest&id=198511199&utm_campaign=default

If you prefer the more toned down look, you can opt for some 1960s Lavender chic sunnies.


Source: http://opticalvisionresources.com/made-in-usa-sunwear-by-victory-optical#.WOOkVvnyvIV

They would look heavenly with grey tresses and a dark grey beret.

3)Fluffy Heels

Prada did it in Milan this year, they let the feathery strips hit the cobbles. It’s the closest thing to walking on clouds.


You will be sure to exude softness, girlishness and that nostalgic feeling of playing dress-up.

Source: http://footwearnews.com/2016/fashion/designers/top-20-shoes-milan-fashion-week-spring-2017-runway-photos-261848/

They are super accessible from ASOS, BooHoo, River Island, MissGuided…you name it, they’re a trend that is appealing to the masses.


Lovely Lavender Chunky Heels for more comfort- could rock these with jeans or black leather pants easily.

Source: http://www.riverisland.com/women/ri-limited-edition/_/N-7xiZkca?No=240&Nrpp=240

Or if you want to be a bit more dainty there are skinny and delicate heels:


I say do it- indulge yourself in this textural trend.

Source: http://www.missguided.co.uk/blog/fashion/take-on-texture/


4) A petticoat dress for everyone to see

It’s all about buoyant tulle ruffles, let your skirt float around your ankles like the daydreams you are made of.


Monique Lhuillier softness, I like the lilac furry cardie with it too.

Source: http://www.vogue.co.uk/shows/spring-summer-2017-ready-to-wear/monique-lhuillier/collection/

You want to look the part on a mossy carpet, as you grant your wishes.


Maybe this design by Dior is a bit too pale but the casual ballgown essence is very evident. The butterfly fastening on the collar works a treat.

Source: http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2017-couture/christian-dior/slideshow/collection#38

However, if your idea of a faery godmother is one who is bit more raggedy, a bit more of a patchwork ‘make do and mend’ advocating image then you will love this look:


I love the layering of the embroidered patches done here by Viktor & Rolf. In fact, it is worth taking a look at the whole collection in the link below; it is something I admire.

Source: http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2017-couture/viktor-rolf/slideshow/collection#29

5) And a clutchbag.

 I would personally choose to have a Venetian Velvet clutchbag as my ultimate faery godmother accessory because it can look like it was bought from a market in a faraway land (I’m imagining like something from Stardust by Neil Gaiman). A clutch that is homemade, sentimental, maybe a little dusty from all the travelling between other worlds.

So I think this final piece to your look would require a charity shop scavenger hunt.

Source: http://www.perchica.ru/post310429461/

Anything bohemian/gypsy folklore-esque that appeals to you. It might be beaded, or shaped to fit nothing but an essential cupcake in. The choices are limitless.


Could go fluffy to compliment your shoes?

Source: http://sheerluxe.com/2015/10/20/fun-furry-clutch-bags

Or this cherry blossomenvelope Oscar de La Renta gem?

But if you’re a faery who believes that your mobile phone will work more magic than a clutchbag, as it’s your portal to the world wide web, why not invest in a statement case? After all, your phone is pretty much on you at all times and therefore deserves to look as enchanting as it truly is.

Once again we can turn to beloved D&G for phone case inspo.


‘crafted from a beige iguana embossed goatskin lambskin-blend complete with a black plastic lining and dazzling gold-tone metal, crystal bee and floral embellishments. With this Dolce & Gabbana iPhone 6 case, you simply won’t want to put your phone down.’ Source: https://www.brownsfashion.com/uk/shopping/embellished-goatskin-iphone-6-case-11530469?utm_source=polyvore&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=UK_tech%20accessories

All in all, I think not only looking like a faery godmother but channelling a F.G persona is nourishing for the creative soul. Because a F.G only cares about others and how to enhance their life in magical ways.

In a sense, I like to think of this blog as a virtual faery godmother, an access point to bring enchantment into your life. 

I think since meeting my baby cousin the other day it made me realise that perhaps I could be like her F.G, spoil her rotten and teach her how exciting it is to live a life inspired by stories of the fae.

I already cannot wait to take Rosie to Disneyland. lol.




The best thing about being a faery godmother? They don’t need a love interest. They are so independent as it is, that they can save themselves from any harm that crosses their path. They’re all about giving people makeovers and making sure they get to the ball on time. It’s the fashion stylist life for them 😉



And now I’m feeling inspired to go and practice what I preach.

I’ll wind down in bath filled with rose petals and merrily eat a chocolate cupcake.






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