Springtime Candy Colours & Blossomy Buys

So it’s Springtime and the blossoms are out, That means we have to let ourselves bloom and flourish too. It’s the perfect time to take up a new hobby, mine is going to be fashion sketching. I’m going to take out a few books on Fashion Illustration and give it a go!


Wake up and chew the roses. Apply lilacs and pale pinks to everything, even your lips. Source: http://www.playbuzz.com/demioz10/what-color-lipstick-suits-your-appearance

I’m feeling more energised as the days last longer and I thought I’d share with you a few goodies I treated myself to in preparation for more glorious sunshine.

I have also been spending many hours in the library (even though it’s the Easter holidays) getting a head start on some essays. However, these essays are essays with exciting topics like Freud’s analysis of dreams.

Without further ado…

Lets remind ourselves of how pretty nature can be:

This is the pink blossom tree outside my Halls of Residence. When I took a picture of this a guy started laughing at me. Then I walked off and turned around and he was sneakily doing it too…


This is me in my garden back home, with the snapchat Sakura filter. Keeping my eyes shut because of the bright sun! Go camouflage too and wear pale pink.


All the fragrant smells of petals and fruity drinks calls for a few things.

  1. A new bodyspray. Now being on a student budget I bought an affordable ‘SO…’, ‘Pink Grapefruit’, on recommendation of a friend.  It’s fresh, sporty and definitely something to spray on in the mornings. Save your expensive perfume for the afternoon/evening.


2) Suncream. It’s a no brainer. Us Brits go mad when a bit of sun strikes but we need to protect ourselves. I bought this brand from Boots because it looked pretty and had flowers on…so it matched my aesthetic 😉


3) A £1 deal on soap. I opted for bubble gum soap and it most certainly smells like it. Spring is all about making cleaning fun; with those associations of Spring Cleaning, dancing around the house and singing. Now every time I wash my hands it’s like being in a sweet shop and to be honest, life’s too short not to be buying outrageously sky blue soap.


Because this time of year can give us a new lust for life, indulge in some true chick-lit. ‘The Secret of Happy Ever After’ by Lucy Dillon is something I picked up for 20p in a Norwich charity shop. Sorry Lucy Dillon, that will not be useful to your income but I am thoroughly enjoying your escapism. It’s funny because one of my modules at uni is about literature that is considered ‘realism’. And the everyday descriptions and thought processses I would consider to be the closest to realism in this book. I am halfway through and the only thing I would say is that it’s slow reading; something to pick up here and there throughout the day.

I’m also sharing with you how easily pleased I get. The barista in Starbucks she drew a flower when she dotted my name and it just made me smile whilst I read my book.

These are my new sunglasses because my black ones snapped. 😦 😦 😦 They’re £12 from Accessorize but I got them for £10 (student discount).

I have a thing for cat eye sunglasses.  Especially this ombre pair. Now I can have a literal rose-tinted outlook on life!


Maybe it’s because my #1 Fashion icon Pixie Lott loves them herself. She always chooses clothes and accessories I adore. And her name is Pixie- she deserves to be Queen of the Fashion Fae.



Often my friends will look at this photo and think it’s me. They have to do a double take haha.

Source for Pixie: https://www.instagram.com/pixielott/?hl=en

April Colour Palette: 

I saw this pic of Miranda Kerr on Pinterest and I just thought the playful, pastel lavender, rose, primrose, peach and duck egg shades represented the softness of Spring. Pastel on pastel is perfect as long as they’re different shades- e.g) milennial pink handbag on a neatly cut lilac dress.


Get inspired with these colours:

Like this Jimmy Choo clutch. £595.00

Candy Love Heart Acrylic ‘ONLY CHOO’ Clutch Bag

Buy it here: http://www.jimmychoo.com/en/women/bags/candy/love-heart-acrylic-only-choo-clutch-bag-CANDYLVE050094.html?cgid=women-handbags#start=1

Paired with this Wildfox Sweater?

Buy it here: https://www.wildfox.com/chips-salsa-sommers-sweater

Mmm. I’m hungry now.

pixie heels lilac suede

Or rock these suedes with white jeans? *heart eyes* Source: http://weheartit.com/entry/11786184

As you can see below left I’ve been trying it out myself: pastel pairing. It’s a good look for chilling in the garden with family and friends. Below right I was trying out a ballerina bun with big pearl earrings. I always associate ballet with Spring; twirling ribbons and pirouettes remind me of the movement of the blossoms.



Okay so I saw this picture of this dress (above) and I thought it was ideal at epitomising the  global love for Sakura springtime: paper cut-like swirls against a blue backdrop. But I don’t know where it is from. There is credit on the screenshot: @biljanatipsarevic.


Do you think I like florals? I was packing my suitcase last week and realised I maybe needed to tone it down a notch…if I’m not careful I’ll start singing to deer and rabbits like a Disney Princess I love Spring so much.

(Definitely 2 of those folded dresses can have credit to H&M)


And like I said. It’s the perfect time, especially during the lull of Easter weekend to try something new, maybe something crafty. So I’ve got my sketchbook out and I’m going to begin. Come back soon for photos of my attempts!

Perfect Spring Soundtrack:

(It’s a throwback) but it’s a great backdrop for lounging on park lawns.



Fashion Fae xx


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