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Hi fashion blogging world, it’s Georgia here! I’m 19 and I hope my blog allows you lovely readers to seek it as an internet source of escapism from cities, towns, anywhere which sometimes seems dull and has bland weather or robotic people who walk the pavements in quite plain, dark colours. I like to record glimpses of a lifestyle I aspire to, which is sparkly compared to mundane reality. Because there are true trinkets to be found- even if that be a diddy café or shimmery dress or antique brooch or charity shop bargain! (I love charity shops, they are often filled with unique or designer pieces.)


(Source: Unknown)

This is a phrase I often say to myself:

‘Let Yourself Live’.

In your spare time, give in to simple pleasures! And for me, that is to write and photograph about fashion and style…

And also go to ballet class four nights a week. 🙂


(Getting creative with my pointe shoes)

I currently live in Norwich, England. Sadly Norwich isn’t quite New York City but it is still a place which has an artistic, bustling scene and spirit of it’s own. It is like a super clean Brighton mixed in with historic medieval buildings. The Norwich boutique lanes still have the essence of SoHo accept that there is very low crime rate in this city where I study.  Therefore I could probably swing my handbag around my head with my eyes shut on a busy Saturday afternoon and have the reassurance of not getting mugged one bit. Instead, I would probably be deemed quite normal.

Photograph I took on the 2nd day of living in Norwich

Anyway, I am technically a full-time literature student (which isn’t so bad, being able to read all day long), I do, deep down consider myself to be more of a full-time fairy.

I hope you haven’t spat out your coffee at that ludicrous and slightly immature claim… But hear me out ok- it might sound silly but that’s quite alright. It’s alright because as you will come to find out, I am in awe of fairy folklore, hence the name of this online fashion and style ‘scrapbook’, I like to think of this as.

I have for some reason over the course of 3 years, honed a fairy persona for myself! Mainly because I had quite a few friends on separate occasions mention to me that I remind them of the renowned character Tinkerbell (which is a huge compliment). Also the fact that I dance for a hobby, I often tiptoe quite lightly wherever I go which you could say mimics the whimsy stance of a fairy. But there is more to it than that. Anything sparkly catches my eye, it’s like I am trying to channel the imaginary idea that I have sprinkled my possessions with fairy dust. And flowing skirts, lacy vests, silky fabrics or anything embellished with beads…

My phone camera isn’t quite capturing the silkiness of this nude mini-skirt but it is embellished with little metal saucers and pearls. (Sorry about the messy dorm room! It was finals week but I managed to spare a couple of hours for a good friend’s birthday- lots of Malibu rum!)

…a modern day Queen Titania might opt for.

Fairies in folklore are also often at peace in nature. Nature’s colours, seasons, textures are things to think about when reflecting a day’s surroundings with an outfit. Fairies are mythical good creatures, they embody a serene light and I think clothes that we choose to wear can reflect our own personal lights (like auras), whether that be stereotypical ‘fae-like’ or less so.

There is more to being a modern day fae than just through what clothes you have in your wardrobe; fairies are enchanting. And this is something that has captivated my imagination because I love anything mystical. I have great interest in Palmistry, tarot cards and ghost stories.


(My bedside table array of items glinting in the dusk)

  • A lightweight pearlescent drawstring purse filled with glittery hearts which was my ‘fairy dust’ at a family friend’s  little girl’s party I dressed up for: as Bluebell, a fairy of the woods.
  • My Palmistry model hand. It’s handy (woops, unintentional pun :D) for referring back to what the lines mean and it is quite a bewitching piece of decor (and conversation starter).
  • Diamante costume jewellery bracelet. It was a gift from my mum because once upon a time I strangely achieved an A* at AS level History. It still perplexes me to this day how I managed that! But the bracelet is certainly a starry reminder of that achievement when I wear out clubbing.
  • A mesmerising snake bracelet bought on Boxing Day 2013 in a Dubai mall with my mum- whilst my brother and dad were off ski-ing in the indoor snow dome. It is a unique statement accessory which comes out at Halloween or if I’m simply feeling like an enchantress.
  • Doreen Virtue Tarot Cards which have an exquisite silver trim around the edge of each card which means that when all 78 are stacked in a pile the silver catches the light and it gives a lunar gleam.  I bought the deck from Inanna’s Magical Gifts in Norwich on St Andrew’s Hill, one afternoon after a lecture.  
  • And My Book of Spells by Michael Johnson which started my intrepid exploration into fantasy endeavours because I bought it from a high street bookstore when I was about 12 and read it under the desk during my least favourite lessons (science and maths).

These areas of our culture strike awe within me, not fear. Because even though the world is predominantly, a scientific place I do think there is an ‘other’ realm, maybe the cosmos is that place of wonder, or maybe our dreams at night transport us to that other place. Wherever it may be, on this blog I try to capture similar enchanting things whether that be a woodland clearing where the sunlight glitters, a glitzy clutch-bag, a thought-provoking book or film, a cupcake with an edible flower on top or a creative art & craft project – anything which helps me cultivate a mystical yet sleek, fresh fashion/aesthetic lifestyle! We can adorn the way we live just how we like! Life is art and it is individual. ❤

Please snuggle up, relax for a little while

& enjoy my virtual scrapbook 

Georgia xx